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Photovoltaic Modules

Conformity tests for certification in accordance with CEI EN 61215: 2006 - CEI EN 61646:1999 - CEI EN 61730:2007

Specific type-tests must be performed by an accredited laboratory prior to market entry of the product. Our laboratory at Eurofins Modulo Uno is equipped with a PV system of reference, the components of which (panels, accumulation systems for the electrical energy output, devices for interface with the electrical supply lines, control and fine tuning devices) are replaced or integrated with the components under test.

The lab features six parallel and independent test lines for the installation of the various components under evaluation.The test lines and relative instruments employ state of the art technology and allow maximum flexibility in handling even the most complex projects.

The data acquisition system, which represents the core of the entire test set-up, allows interaction with the various sensors and actuators distributed along the chain of measure.

Our management software and control algorithms, which have been developed internally, embodies the brain of the system and allow complete automation of the tests.

The climatic chambers can accommodate modules measuring up to 160 x 270 cm. Turnaround time for the complete test program prescribed by the standards of reference is approximately 90 days.


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