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Protective gloves are used in many situations. They shall protect human skin during wet work, against mechanical and thermal injury, against infections, or against chemicals and drugs. Or they shall protect sensitive material against contamination by hands.

Various types of skin diseases are among the most frequently occurring work related diseases. In Germany 25% of all registered occupational diseases are skin diseases. In Great Britain 660,000 workdays are annually called off due to occupational skin diseases.

For prevention of these serious problems it is imperative to avoid too much humidity on hands, direct skin contact with chemical products, and exposure to hazards from glove itself.

Protective gloves may reduce the risk to human health significantly. However, it is essential to find the appropriate glove for each specific purpose. A wrong glove provides the user with a false sense of safety and may prove even more dangerous than no glove at all. And employees may refuse stiff and non-flexible gloves for bad comfort, resulting in bad protection and increased health risk.

Inappropriate gloves as well as hazardous glove ingredients may cause considerable health risks. Skin irritation, eczema, or allergy are examples of symptoms caused by skin exposure to paints, varnishes, or other solvent or polymer based products. Some glove ingredients may cause allergies, such as Chromium(VI) in leather gloves, or certain proteins in latex gloves. Textile gloves and plastic gloves may contain carcinogens and other substances of concern if they migrate into skin or into products (such as food).

Eurofins is your expert in designing and initiating impartial and reliable glove testing. We perform testing for distributors and for users of chemicals, for industry, for trade associations, and within research programmes.

German regulation:

German government issued the most advanced rules on skin protection at work. As regards chemical protective gloves, some of the rules are based on results of a research project performed by MILJÖ-CHEMIE (now part of Eurofins Group) and finalised in 1999.

The regulation can be downloaded here in English or in German. The same texts are available from

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