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Fit for Food – From Necessity to Competitive Advantage

Your industry, our focus



What is Fit For Food?

Fit for Food is a third-party certification of products that come into contact with food.

We all use various food contact materials (FCM) on a daily basis: Our kitchens and households are full of single-use packaging materials as well as a plethora of kitchenware for repeated use. European legal requirements for food contact materials are becoming stricter and stricter, making it increasingly difficult in the whole industrial supply chain (from raw-material-manufacturers over finished-article producers to foodmanufacturers/fillers) to keep up with them.

Fit for Food ensures full compliance with legislative requirements across Europe for all types of food contact materials.

As an independent laboratory we take control of the process to ensure that the certified product:

  • is produced under high-standard conditions
  • contains raw materials that remain the same
  • is always in compliance

With Fit for Food we vouch for the quality and safety of your products.

From necessity to competitive advantage

Manufactuting and testing of products for food contact is often handled as a necessity due to legislative requirements or market demands.

With Fit for Food we challenge our customers to take control and turn product development and testing into a competitive advantage.

Fit for Food is an active way of creating new sales opportunities by adding value to existing processes, to customers and ultimately to the company’s bottom line.

Simplify what's complicated

Working with food contact materials can be a complicated matter. With Fit for Food you leave it all to us

  • Handling of documentation
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Third-Party certification
  • Continuous survailance

For better budget planning we can even offer to make a cost split to ensure that the costs are fixed per year.

Simple and convenient.

Test Planning - Regulatory requirements used

Fit For Food is based on the regulatory requirement for FCM in the harmonized European context, the Framework Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and GMP Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006 ensuring that:

  • Raw materials are traceable
  • The article is produced in a constant quality
  • The composition of food is not altered
  • Smell, taste, and colour are not altered
  • Human health is not endangered.

In addition, we test for material-specific requirements e.g. for plastics the Plastics-Regulation(EC) No. 10/2011, BfR - recommendations for paper or silicones, all of them have to be applied as well.

The Certification Process

Overview of the certification process - simple and transparent

1. Alignment

In an initial meeting we discuss the possible use of the label, estimate the resulting costs, address rights and duties of each involved party, and initiate the project.

2. Document Review & Test Plan

We use your list of all raw materials used and their suppliers to obtain current data sheets for food contact. Based on this, we make product groups and generate a test plan. In parallel, we need to make sure your production facility is set up to deliver continuous quality suitable for food contact. This is proven by an existing certification according to either BRC for packaging, FSSC 22000, IFS Pacsecure or SQF

3. Analysis

Your samples are analysed by us, in an accredited Eurofins labs for all relevant parameters that have been determined.

4. Contract

The complete set of test results, certifications and supporting documents will be reviewed. With all tests passed, we complete a contract to issue the ‘Fit for Food’-certificate for a period of 5 years.

5. Continuous Validation

The certification will be validated yearly by a reveiw of product documentation and a random sample screening analysis for internal validation

6. Fit For Food Certified Product

Fit For Food

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