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Eurofins Product Testing - Research Projects

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Hazardous substances in products

Eurofins staff contributed to a research project on the field of hazardous substances in products:

"Substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction (CMR) and other substances of concern in consumer products" in 2009 and 2010.

Funding: Umweltbundesamt (German EPA).

Organization: Project leader was FoBiG in Freiburg (Germany). Contributions were delivered by Öko-Institut in Freiburg (Germany), and by Eurofins Product Testing laboratories in Galten (Denmark) and in Hamburg (Germany).

For details and results of the project please use the links on the project report homepage (in German only - just the project summary is available also in English there).

Occupational hygiene - skin protection

Eurofins staff performed a number of research projects on the field of occupational hygiene. Typically these are funded by authorities (EU Commission, BAUA, HVBG) and industry. If partners are involved then these are well-known research or prevention organisations like TNO, HSL, HSE, IOM, BAUA, FOBIG, BIA, AUVA,  INSHT, and more.

For projects on Skin Protection at workplaces, please click HERE.

Further information

For further information please contact our national organisations or our specialists.