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HENZ: REACH Compliance & Chemical Assessment Tool

Your industry, our focus


Broad spectrum chemical regulations are being constantly updated and expanded by most, if not all, of the main consumer markets in the world.

This requires retailers to bear an ever increasing burden in terms of costs, complexity and resources to comply with the legal requirements imposed by international and local authorities.

Traditional compliance practices –such as the Declaration of Compliance- offer very limited or null information and meet only the bare minimum regulatory requirements.

Moreover, consumers are demanding a higher level of transparency and access to upstream information through the products’ supply chain, a conscious wish that regulators bring into practice by forcing suppliers to display this information on the marketed goods.

Facing the challenge with a cost-effective aproach

HENZ is a chemical assessment tool developed by chemical and regulatory experts after decades of research and thorough analytical testing in laboratories.

The tool enables companies to optimize testing costs and save precious time whilst implementing Quality Assurance (QA) programs that allow our clients to allocate their QA budget and supply chain logistics more effectively.

The concept

HENZ is a full substance declaration tool and Restricted Substances List (RSL) inspection system for Articles assessment that helps our clients to face the challenges imposed by current and future regulatory and market trends by:

  • Simplifying the process of Full Material Disclosure policies - FMD
  • Collecting and managing product composition data: Bill of materials (BOM), Bill of substances (BOS)
  • Easily displaying the products chemical regulatory compliance status based on BOM/BOS information
  • Offering a Risk-based approach for an optimized QA budget

HENZ is founded on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Risk materials matrix based on an extensive materials composition database
  2. Substances database
  3. International regulatory database

These cross-linked databases, each of them in constant expansion and enriched with the results of thousands of testing projects performed over decades, allow our system to identify potential risk materials through a statistical analysis that determines the likely presence of restricted or hazardous substances in each of the materials listed in your product’s BOM.

By merging the data from the 3 basic pillars, the system releases a chemical assessment report for each of your products, based on which your experts may take quick and right decisions to:

  • Proceed to test only the critical or ambiguous components resulting from the assessment
  • Implement proper Corrective Action Plans (CAP) at early stages of the manufacturing process

Moreover, HENZ counts with a document management module through which you can keep track record of your product’s chemical compliance.