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Assesment and Development Services

Your industry, our focus

Assessment and Development Services


Assessment & Development and Training


Chemical Field


Regulatory Assessment

Product assessment strictly aimed to determine the scope of compliance according to the regulations of the countries where the product is intended to be marketed.

Check our related service "Technical Sheets”.

Safety Assessment

Safety Assessment for Toys

This is the process to state Presumption of Conformity to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.

It involves a thorough review of the product’s full coverage to all hazards as described on the concerned harmonized standards, comprising all safety aspects among which mechanical, physical, hygiene, flammability and chemical hazards and considering also the relevance of related legislation such as the chemical restrictions and requirements of REACH. 

Safety Assessment for Textile

Identification of physical, mechanical or flammability hazards which could challenge the safety of the final user due to a non-appropriate design or construction.

For example, long cords present in children garments or loose garments for nightwear that could expose the user to a hazard of fire.

Electrical Product Safety

Electrical product safety testing is key to ensure safe handling of electrical products, aimed to prevent accidents, injuries and deaths to the end users.

The Authorities of the key international world regions have developed stringent requirements for electrical products, making it mandatory for these to be tested and certified before being placed in the market.

For more information, visit our Electrical & Electronics website.

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Test Plan | Ad-hoc

In continuation to the definition of the scope of compliance ad defined in section “Regulatory Assessment” above, the herewith described “Test Plan”, also named “Protocols Ad-hoc”, is the compendium of all the tests and the respective testing protocols applicable to the product according to the previously determined pertinent legislations of the product’s destination markets in addition to which, the client may opt to add whatsoever own quality benchmark and specific requirements.

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Control Plans

Following the Test Plan or Protocols definitions applicable to the product, whether focusing only on the mandatory ones or including also the client’s specific benchmarked requirements, a “Control Plan” is nothing but the methodical schedule of the pre-set routine quality controls.

Such customized planning that may involve periodical random picking and customized testing of single products or specific product ranges and regular reporting with a previously agreed upon frequency.

The control plan enables the QA teams in charge to monitor the product’s quality, characteristics and variables to ensure the product’s compliance, safety, veracity, stability and benchmarked quality over the time it remains in the market.

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R & D-Method Development

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing counts with several Technology Centres acting as R&D departments in the different fields and industries.

Our laboratories are equipped with a broad range of equipment for chemical analysis, physical, physico-mechanical, environmental and electrical testing that enables our highly skilled technical staff to develop or adopt new testing methods very quickly.

Both standardized methods, but more importantly also testing protocols specially designed to cover the needs of every single client.

Our technical experts frequently develop the testing protocols in close collaboration with the client’s R&D department in order to secure the right way forward.

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