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Eurofins Product Testing - GS Mark

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GS - "Geprüfte Sicherheit"

The GS Mark, introduced in 1977, is one of the leading safety marks. It is based on the "German Equipment Safety Law" (Geräte - und Produktsicherheitsgesetz - GPSG). It indicates that the product was tested and certified for safety by an accredited, independent institute - like Eurofins.

The GS mark is a type-approval mark, connected with periodic factory inspections observing the production quality. To maintain the GS mark, the law demands frequent checks (usually annually or every 2 years, depending upon the certificate) to ensure that the manufacturer is able to maintain all the specifications of the tested product in his mass production. During this factory inspection, Eurofins evaluates the implementation of the quality system, the production environment, and production related testing and measurement equipment.

The GS mark, although not required by law, makes a difference in cases where a product's malfunction leads to an accident for which its manufacturer could be held responsible under Germany's (and the EU's) strict product liability laws. It is also a convincing marketing statement, creating customer confidence and purchasing motivation. Manufacturers often find it convenient and economical to obtain the GS-mark together with the legally required CE Marking.

Eurofins offers following Testing and Certification 
services regarding GS-Mark:

  • Electrical household appliances (Electric heating devices used in the household, Household devices, Kitchen devices)

  • Electric heaters

  • Personal care appliance

  • Luminaires

  • Measurement, test and sampling devices outside of the ATEX-D

  • Measurement devices for electrical parameter

  • Electric generators, Current transformer, Current storage devices

  • Consumer electronics

  • Hand-operated tools (Electric tools, Heating tools)

  • IT and office equipment (Office devices, Electronic data processing devices)

Basic GS mark requirements:



User manual / Instruction for use

1. in German language 
2. available for each model listed on the GS license

Name and Address of manufacturer or representative or importer

provided on …
1. product or
2. package or
3. warranty card or user manual

EMC information

provided as …
1. test reports or
2. declaration or
3. statement in user manual

Ergonomic requirements

provided in German user manual

WEEE Symbol

printed visibly, legibly, indelibly


declaration of compliance

PAH requirements

provided as …
1. test reports or
2. declaration or
3. statement in user manual

GS mark licenses are valid for a maximum of 5 years from the issue date of the first license sheet. As of January 1'st 2005, the validity cannot be extended by issuing an additional sheet. A new license with a new license number has to be issued for maintaining the validity of the GS mark certification for the product.

BAuA-Listing - German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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