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Eurofins | Newsflash – October 2018 | Textile & Leather

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Thursday, October 18, 2018



Eurofins Consumer Product Testing Turkey

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing Turkey is now accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2012

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing Turkey has recently obtained the Accreditation Nº AB-1356-T for textile and leather materials, issued by the Turkish Accreditation Body (TÜRKAK), according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2012 standard.


The concerned accreditation approves the technical competence of our laboratory for the performance of the following:

Testing textile, leather, footwear and fashion accessories products

  • Chemical tests

    Azo dyes, Formaldehyde, pH value, Allergenous dyestuff, Carcinogenic dyestuff, Navy Blue, Organic Tin Compounds, Extractable Heavy Metals, Total Heavy Metals, Chlorinated Organic Carriers (COC), Policyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Phthalates, Chromium VI, Total Lead, Total Cadmium, Nickel Release
  • Colour Fastness Tests

    Washing, Dry Cleaning, Artificial Saliva, Perspiration, Water, Sea Water, Rubbing, Laundering, Light and Artificial Weathering
  • Mechanical tests
    • Fabric Weight
    • Bursting Strength
    • Tensile Strength 
    • Tear Strength
    • Abrasion Resistance
    • Pilling Resistance
    • Fibre Composition
    • Flammability of Textile

These tests can be performed on textile, leather and fashion accessories at any stage of the supply chain, from raw materials and components at the product development or pre-production phases, all the way through production and down to pre-shipment or post-delivery, acting on semi-finished or finished products.




Standards Updates


Below a summary table with some recent standards updates and upcoming dates of withdrawal (non-exhaustive):

(*) Date of withdrawal: latest date by which national standards conflicting with an EN (and HD for CENELEC) have to be withdrawn.

Reference Title Date of Withdrawal (*) Supersedes

EN 12130:2018

Feather and down - Test methods - Determination of the fill power (massic volume)


EN 12130:1998

EN 13088:2018

Manufactured articles filled with feather and down - Method for the determination of a filled product's total mass and for the determination of the mass of the filling


EN 13088:2001

EN 12131:2018

Feather and down - Test methods - Determination of the quantitative composition of feather and down (manual method)


EN 12131:1998

EN 1885:2018

Feather and down - Terms and definitions


EN 1885:1998/A1:2003
EN 1885:1998




China product standard QB/T 1618-2018


A new version of product standard for belts QB/T 1618-2018 is effective from 1st September 2018.

The main technical changes are:

  • The textile belts are included in the scope
  • Decorative belts  are added in the terms and definition list
  • Different requirements in physical properties and harmful substances




Draft requirements for labelling of footwear

Draft requirements for labelling of footwear

On 7th August 2018, the Argentinian Secretariat of Trade (Secretaría de Comercio) notified its draft resolution on “Labelling requirements applicable to all types of new footwear” to the World Trade Organization (WTO).


According to Article 4 of this draft resolution, the label has to include the following information:

  • Name , business name or registered Trademark  and Unique Tax Identification Code (C.U.I.T.)
  • Brand and Model or Article identification
  • Country of Origin
  • Composition of the following footwear parts:
    • Upper (“Capellada”)
    • Lining (“Forro”)
    • Outer sole (“Fondo”, “Base” or “Planta”)
  • Footwear Size (with reference to the foot length and expressed according to the European system)

The identification of the composition of the different footwear parts will be made according to Article 5 of this draft resolution.

Click here for getting the notification published in the European Commission website (the draft is in Spanish).




California passes flame retardant bill AB2998


On 7th September 2018, California’s flame retardant bill AB2998 was enrolled and presented to the Governor and expected to be signed into law in the near future.

From January 1, 2020, it is prohibited to sell or distribute in California any new juvenile products, mattresses, or upholstered furniture containing covered flame retardant chemicals or a constituent component at levels above 1,000 parts per million.

Covered flame retardant chemicals means any chemical whose functional use is to resist or inhibit the spread of fire including one of the following:

  • A halogenated, organophosphorus, organonitrogen, or nanoscale chemical
  • A chemical defined as a “designated chemical” in Section 105440 of the Health and Safety Code
  • A chemical covered in the Washington’s list of Chemicals of High Concern to Children

The following products are not covered in this ban:

  • Electronic components of juvenile products, mattresses, reupholstered furniture, upholstered furniture, or any associated casing for those electronic components
  • Upholstered or reupholstered furniture components other than those identified in paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 19094
  • Thread or fiber when used for stitching mattress components together
  • Components of adult mattresses other than foam

For more information click here.



ZDHZ Approved Chemical Verification Systems

  Chem-MAP Chemical Verification Systems

ZDHC Approved Chemical Verification Systems for the Textile and Leather Supply Chain

The responsible management of chemical inputs into consumer product supply chains is a key priority for many brands and retailers. There are many advantages to controlling input chemistry, yet, global supply chains are often complex with multiple tiers of stakeholders and positive change requires action from the entire value chain.


The Chem-MAP family developed by Eurofins | BLC, consists of c-MAP, b-MAP and m-MAP. These products provide specific chemical management services for the entire supply chain, from chemical supplier through manufacturing facility to brands and retailers, supporting best practice in terms of end to end supply chain chemical management systems.

Visit the Chem-MAP Site to Find Out More About How Chem-MAP Works here.




Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018 - London, UK


Is your business considering the use of more sustainable raw materials in products?

If so, join Eurofins | BLC, ILM and leather industry professionals at this year’s Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018 on the 15th November in Central London, UK.

A key theme of the conference will include ‘sustainable raw materials’, and the event can touch on topics such as; innovation around raw materials for leather, uses for waste materials within the leather value chain and circular economy. 

So do not miss out on this leading industry event.

Register online today


BLC Leather and Sustainability in Retail conference 2018