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French Regulations on VOC emissions from construction products

Compulsory VOC emissions labelling

A French regulation was published on 25 March 2011 with details published on 13 May 2011 regarding a mandatory labelling of construction products installed indoors, floor and wall coverings, paints and lacquers with their emission classes based on emission testing.

This regulation foresees that since 1. Jan. 2012, any covered product placed on the market has to be labelled with emission classes based on their emissions after 28 days, as tested with ISO 16000 and calculated for European reference room - similar to the two other French regulations on emissions of CMR substances.

As this is the same reference room as used in Germany and in Belgium, existing test data for German or for Belgian regulation can be used for assigning an emissions class, without new tests and without conversion of the test results. The same holds true for EMICODE, GUT and Blue Angel. Also other valid information can be used as basis for this assignment of class, such as tests based on ISO 16000, but with shorter testing duration.

The emissions class will be assigned by the manufacturer or the distributor in his self-responsibility.

Eurofins offers testing 

  • either just an ISO 16000 test for showing compliance with French regulations, or with AFFSET guideline, or with both
  • or the same test but supplemented with another test method with lower detection method for DEHP and DBP.
  • Background for that differentiation is the fact that there are doubts whether that the specified test method cannot detect such low levels of DEHP and DBP.