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Razor Panel / Expert consumers

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Common interests

  • Improvement of a product A with regard to a product B within the framework of the R&D of the manufacturer
  • Launching a product onto the market by considering a certain target
  • Help to suppliers' selection (call for tender)
  • Classification of two propositions within the framework of comparative study

Our specificity

Elaboration of the 'customised' questionnaire in association with the customer

  • Conclusion allowing you to make a decision

Principle of the method

  • The evaluation of the criteria quality of the packaging is taken by performing the following tests:
    • 1 shaving in laboratory by 6 experts followed by shavings at home or no further action takes place
    • 1 shaving in laboratory with 10 to 30 volunteers in the presence of an expert followed by shavings at home or no further action takes place
    • The studied product can be evaluated theoretically or from a comparative angle (produced versus target or produced A versus produced B)
    • The volunteers proceed according to an operating mode defined by both parts
    • Panellists fill in the questionnaires immediately after every shaving
    • The questionnaire consists of stated questions; however, the panellist also have the possibility giving his personal impression of the product by making notes
  • The parameters are organised according to the following subjects:
    • General satisfaction
    • Efficiency and precision
    • Comfort of shaving, ease of rinsing
    • Sensation of the skin after shaving, lubricating band
    • Ergonomics, design
    • Intention of purchase
  • Within the framework of a certain test performed at home, the questionnaire is adapted (for example: evaluation of the efficiency of blades or lubricating bands during the various shavings) according to our client's need.
  • The obtained results are analysed using statistical methods.

Examples of results

Purchase intention undefined

About Eurofins

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Eurofins stands for

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