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Testing of Furniture

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The Furniture market is huge. Small and large manufacturers, small and large retailers are delivering products that shall fulfil their technical specifications and be safe to the user.

Furniture can be made of combinations of wood, metal, plastics, coatings, and textiles.

Legal Background / Regulations

  • Product Safety Directive (EU)
  • European (E1), US and Californian (CARB) and Japanese restriction of formaldehyde emissions

Eurofins Services

  • Testing for legal compliance, for voluntary ecolabel application, for customer specifications
  • Contribution to international standardisation
  • Contribution to industry labels and to manufacturer R&D projects

Eurofins position

Eurofins Product Testing A/S is world-wide market leader on the field of product VOC emission testing and the lab with the most international recognitions. This allows performing just one test and then report for several purposes - saving large amount of money for manufacturer if compared with ordering one test each per purpose.

Eurofins is supporting quality management of several small and large retailer chains by target focussed testing.

Eurofins is contributing actively to improvement of testing quality in general and in its own facilities.

Eurofins Services

Chemical Analyses
Determination of major ingredients
e.g. lead in paint (CPSC accredited)
Determination of trace compounds
Determination of hazardous
Determination of emissions of
VOC, solvents, formaldehyde,
isocyanates, ...
Determination of migration into skin

Determination for European E1
classification (EN 717-1)
Determination for ecolabels and
purchase specifications

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Content determination
Emissions testing

Indoor air monitoring:

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Ecolabels and more
Testing with more than 10 protocols, Section 01350, LEEDBIFMA, M1,EMICODE, GUT, CertiPUR, AgBB / DIBt / Ü mark, Blue Angel, Austrian ecolabel, Danish Indoor Climate Label, ...

Sustainable products for "Green" Buildings
Consulting, material testing, auditing  


German Ü mark
Indoor Air Comfort certification

Company specific seminar / training
Inventory of hazardous materials
Communication along supply chain
Exposure assessment
Safety Data Sheets and GHS

EU Decopaint Directive
Determination of VOC content
Compliance document

Occupational safety & hygiene
Assessment of work places
Skin protection & gloves testing

Safety of Plants
Risk assessment

Environmental Monitoring
Stack emissions
Water and soil

Safety of machines
Risk assessment
CE Coordination

In-house training and workshops

For further information please contact our national organisations or our specialists.