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Residual monomer testing on food packaging materials

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Eurofins Product Testing offers residual monomer testing of a wide range of chemicals for all kind of food packaging materials

Residual monomers in food packaging materials are beside the overall migration and the specific migration fundamental requirement according to the Framework Regulation EC (No) 1935/2004. Residual monomer levels respect the possible toxicology of a chemical substance migrating from food packaging to food. Limits for residual monomers in plastic food packaging materials are fixed in Plastic Regulation EC (No) 11/2011. Substances which are restricted by a residual concentrations are in general monomers of plastics as acrylonitrile or Butadien. These components limited by a residual monomer content are disclosed by the supplier on the Regulatory affairs data sheets. A compliance test strategy can identify analytical needs or other ways to prove compliance with the respective specific migration limits.

Eurofins Product Testing offers the testing of residual monomer concentrations in food packaging:

  • According to the international accepted method EN 13130
  • Accredited according to ISO 17025 accreditation
  • For all kind of food packaging materials