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Paper and Board packaging materials

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EurofinsProduct Testing helps you in understanding requirements on food packaging materials made from paper and board

Food packaging materials made from paper and board are not covered by a harmonized European legislation today. Nevertheless also such food contact materials are covered by the scope of the Framework Regulation EC (No) 1935/2004 and have to fulfil the requirements of Article 3. A range of food scandals in the last years were caused by contaminations induced by migration from food packaging made from paper and board. To prove suitability of materials and articles made from paper and board which are intended to be brought into contact with food with the requirement of the Framework Regulation other measures have to be used:

  • German Institute on Risk Assessment (BfR) Recommendations XXXVI on Paper and Board for Food Contact
  • Council of Europe Resolution 2002 (1) on Paper and Board materials and articles intended to come into contact with food
  • Industry Guideline for the Compliance of Paper & Board Materials and Articles for Food Contact

Following the requirements of these guidelines Eurofins Product Testing develops test protocols which are tailored to your packaging - food systems. Most important parameters which causes food scares in the past were

  • Phthalate - Plasticizers from glues and inks
  • Photoinitiators as ITX or Benzophenones from inks
  • DEHM from glues
  • DIPN from carbon copy papers
  • Mineral oils from recycled fibres