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Your industry, Our Focus

Drinking Water Installations & Plumbing

Your industry, our focus

Drinking Water Installations & Plumbing


Eurofins Group is a leading provider of analytical services with:

  • An international network of more than 800 laboratories across 47 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific
  • About 45,000 staff
  • A portfolio of over 200,000 validated analytical methods
  • More than 400 million tests performed each year
We work with brands, manufacturers, importers, distributors, contractors, retailers across geographies to help our clients ensure regulatory compliance, market access and product quality and safety for the following product types:
  • Pipes & Hoses
  • Valves & Fittings
  • Sanitary Tapware (faucets, fixtures and mixers)
  • Water Treatment, (Ion Exchangers, Water Filters, Membrane separation systems etc.)
  • Water Meters
  • Raw Material & Elastomers
  • Seals & Coating
  • Waterproofing and Waste water systems

We offer you

  • Fast delivery times due to best practice operations and lean thinking with good lab capacity.
  • Instant and efficient communication.
  • Quality analytical service and reporting.
  • A wide scope of accredited services that you can combine.
  • A flexible approach to finding solutions backed by a long industry experience.

Our Service Scope

  • Chemical & Microbiological testing on products and material.
  • Physical, mechanical and acoustic testing.
  • Toxicology & Consultancy.
  • Our Analytical methods and standards regulatory – type testing, certification and approvals.
  • Inspections & Audits.
  • Training & Courses.

Physical and Type Testing

For plastic pipes, Eurofins is helping our customers meeting the requirements concerning the following product standards:

  • EN 12201 (pressurized pipes)
  • EN 15875 (PEX for cold and hot water installations)
  • EN 1452 (PVC)
  • EN 1451 (PP)
  • EN 1555 (for gas)
  • EN 13476 (for structured wall piping systems for PP, PVC, PE)
  • EN 1401 (sanitary, PVC)
  • And many more areas

In meeting the above, we provide a variety of underlying performance and analytical testing and measurements such as:

  • Impact tests in various temperatures
  • Liquid pressure tests (up to 400 mm pipe diameter, 20 – 95 ᵒC temperature, 0... 75 bar over pressure)
  • Tightness tests with water and air pressure
  • Pipe dimension determination
  • Various loading tests of materials and products
  • Temperature variation tests
  • Material tests

Our wide range of tests can help you to meet the requirements of INSTA-CERT and meet the product specific requirements for plastic pipes for the Nordic Poly Mark.

Based on mutual agreement we make factory production control inspection calls as a third party.

We also perform any other tests adapted to specifications by our customers. If you look for a specific standard for testing, let us know and we will check it in our database.

Drinking Water Hygiene

For the chemical and hygienic aspect of products and material in contact with water we help clients to test product compliance, quality and safety through water extractions, migration analysis, chemical and microbiological testing of the material.

    • We are accredited for testing in accordance with KTW and registered for DVGW for both KTW and W270 and our tests are updated to the latest KTW-BWGL requirements.
    • Eurofins consult, test and certify materials and accessories in contact with drinking water under the ACS scheme in France.
    • Eurofins test, inspect and certify for the Finnish STF mark following the Finnish Decree for called “Suitability for transport of drinking water”.
    • Eurofins also test and inspect in accordance with FI-Mark.
    • Eurofins Provide chemical and hygienic testing for both Danish GDV (installations inside buildings) and DK-VAND for pipes and fittings outside of buildings (water supply).
    • We also provide bespoke analytical services that during the product development phase the tests can be used to optimize the product design in such a way that the raw materials can be utilized up to their full technical and economic performance.

Contact us if you produce, distribute, sell or install pipes and you wish to learn more