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Your industry, Our Focus


Your industry, our focus

Eurofins corporate

Eurofins Group

Eurofins is most likely the fastest growing laboratory network and unquestionably the one with best financial results over the past years, rapidly expanding and gaining market share by means of a healthy organic growth as well as through merging and acquisitions, thanks to which the group increasingly widens its scope of services and geographical coverage.

Eurofins World Map

Such success is only possible thanks to the high standard of quality service, attentiveness or our staff, flexibility and prompt responsiveness that our laboratories constantly deliver, according to the corporate values in pursuit of the corporate mission.

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing within Eurofins Scientific

Within the Eurofins group of companies, “Consumer Product Testing” is the youngest division.

The Consumer Product Testing Division, focused on non-food consumer products, hereinafter named “Eurofins PT” is known for its flexible approach and capability to deliver customized solutions in the fields of quality assurance and control.

Through our network of laboratories and technical experts, “Eurofins PT” is ideally positioned to support the client’s increasingly stringent quality and safety standards, as well as the ever-changing demands of regulatory authorities around the world.

Values, vision and mission

While sharing the global corporate values and mission of the Eurofins group of companies, “Eurofins PT” stands out for its strategical vision:

Our corporate and divisional values, vision and mission ensure we will deploy customized standard operating procedures to protect the client’s brands and meet this corporation’s needs in terms of product safety, quality, marketability and compliance, while building a strategic partnership aiming to fully support the client´s vison:

To create intimate and global partnerships with clients by offering a complete, seamless service, becoming “the one-stop solution provider” able to act as a functional extension of the clients’ Quality Assurance, merchandising and logistics departments.

“to create a better everyday life for the many people.”

Key facts and figures

Mirroring Eurofins’ group of companies’ success, and thanks to efficiently capitalizing on experience and empathy with customers, in-depth industry and product knowledge and upstream approach, the Consumer Products Testing Division is meritoriously exceeding business expectations and proudly continues thriving and striving to improve, to deliver even better services with wider coverage.

Key facts

  • Over 1500 staff
  • Present in 26 countries
  • Expanding network of more than 50 specialized laboratories throughout
    • Europe,
    • Asia-Pacific
    • and North America