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Marketing Manager Soft-lines and Toys

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Job Description:
Marketing Manager Soft-lines and Toys


Eurofins Consumer Product Testing Division
Softlines & Toys Global Business Line

Due to our company’s expansion in the Textile-and Leatherwear’s industries and related ones (such as Toys) as well as the increasing number of projects managed from the Global Marketing Department, there is a latent need to detach the Marketing Management for these specific business lines, to be managed separately, yet observing the Global Marketing Guidelines.

Industry scenario
Non-Food consumer goods labelled as “Softlines”,  such as those corresponding to the industries of Apparel and Fashion, Footwear, Home textiles, Industrial textiles, etc., and Toys and Childcare products.

The position

  • Vacant from April 2, 2018
  • Full time and long-term position
  • Based in Alicante or Barcelona (Spain)


  • Directly to:
    International Business Line Leader for Softlines and Toys

  • Dotted line to:
    International Marketing and Sales Director

Roles of the position

Managing Operations

1. To develop and deliver the International Marketing Strategy in the concerned industries, in line with the Divisional Global Strategy.

2. To develop and deliver marketing plans to support the said Marketing Strategy.

3. To co-ordinate, implement and internationalise tasks across the teams of the labs involved in serving these specific industries, to ensure the worldwide broadcast of a global offering.

4. To promote the Eurofins brand in the target markets and in accordance with Eurofins corporate guidelines and more specifically with those defined by the International Platform for the Consumer Product Testing Division.

5. To develop and manage the Global Digital Marketing strategy for the concerned industries, including content edition and management of the global sites in social networks.

6. To produce and deliver Global Marketing Contents, both technical (such as contents for Newsletters, Informative Circulars, Whitepapers, etc.) and commercial (presentations, brochures, flyers, catalogues, posters, tenders, press releases, etc.).

7. To develop, complete and maintain up-to-date contents on the corporate websites.

8. To contribute to the creation of country websites mirroring the global websites described in the previous point and to ensure that the local marketing responsible persons are informed about any changes or updates in the global websites, so as to replicate and translate them accordingly in their respective websites.

9. To coordinate and monitor Global Event Management –including Trade Shows and Fairs, Seminars and Webinars), following the divisional guidelines and acting as intermediator if any different arrangement from the organisers and participants would be negotiated.

10. To make effective use of marketing resources in order to deliver and deploy the Marketing Strategy, making sure it is also mirrored at local level in the different countries –with the pre-accepted local customization-.

11. To produce and deliver marketing reports as required.

 Managing Finances

12. To contribute to the setting of the relevant Eurofins annual marketing budgets and aid in monitoring their financial performance.

13. To assist with pricing strategies were appropriate.

14. To prepare recommendations for the purchasing of sales and marketing equipment and services.

Managing Development

15. To help identify and exploit potential areas for development of new Services and Products.

16. To collate market research to understand existing markets and identify new opportunities.

17. To collate market intelligence and maintain up to date information on competitors’ activities, including the creation of a regular “Competitors’ Watch” to be broadcasted as “Internal Circular Newsletter”.

18. To establish processes for marketing campaigns of any sort and the corresponding follow up actions.

19. To create and automate “Lead generation” processes to be filtered, qualified and transmitted to the Global Sales teams.


20. To perform any other duties which may reasonably be expected of the post-holder.

21. To ensure that he/she obtains and maintains the requisite competences to perform his/her duties (eg technical) and carries out his/her duties in accordance with all Eurofins policies, procedures and processes.


 Requirements & Skills

  • Degree in Communication or Business related
  • Strong knowledge of relevant IT tools
  • Experience of relevant business to business marketing activities
  • Highly organized, independent and proactive strategic thinker
  • Prioritisation skills
  • Ability to communicate with technical specialists and non-specialists alike
  • Team and Project Management skills, Leadership skills
  • Proven track record in managing delivery
  • English language level: ADVANCED-PROFICIENCY
  • Other languages: Spanish, French, German will be highly considered


 Remuneration package (consisting of fixed and variable parts, if applicable) shall be provided according to the experience,  academic record and background of the candidate. 

Please send us your CV and covering letter per email.