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Indoor Air Comfort - Certified Products

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Danfloor A/S
Wool and natural fibers with textile backing
Textile Flooring
Luxor Twist Textil, Luxor Twist Vlies, Graphic 1000 Textil/Vlies, Graphic 1100 Textil/Vlies, Graphic 1200 Textil/Vlies, Graphic 1300 Textil/Vlies, Auckland Textil, Borneo Textil, Cairo Vlies, Montana Textil, Queenstown Textil, Tunis Textil, Uld Mosaik Textil, Wellington Stripe Textil, Dubai Textil, Panama, Capri, Monaco, Wool Ribs – 2905, Wool Lines – 2907, Wool Square – 2910, Wool Classic - 2912