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Indoor Air Comfort >> List of certified products >> IACG-325-01-01-2017

Indoor Air Comfort - Certified Products

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merz+benteli ag
Sealants and adhesives based on silan modified polymers SMP
Gomastit 2001, Gomastit 2017, Gomastit VG30, Gomastit 2060, Gomastit 2025, Merbenit HM14, Merbenit TS40, Gomastit Aqua-Protect-Flex, Merbenit Isolation, Merbenit E20, Merbenit PC200, Merbenit SK212, Merbenit SK212 fast, Gomastit Aqua-Protect-Flex liquid, Gomastit MS Parkettkleber, Merbenit FB50, Merbenit DB50, Merbenit FS30, Merbenature