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Food Newsletter

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The Eurofins Group publishes a Food Testing newsletter, presenting new services and analytical techniques, research projects, major events and other related topics. The newsletter is published 3 times per year.

Below is the latest newsletter

  • Newsletter Nr44
    A unique method for fraud detection in honey
    Animal species testing: Quality control in food and feed
    Analysis of phenolic compounds: Controlling quality and authenticity of plant products
    Flavour enhancers in food products
    Quality management within the Eurofins Group

    In Brief
    New EFSA statement on tropane alkaloids
    50 years of pesticide residue analysis
    Commercial Planting of GMOs
  • Newsletter Nr43

    Eurofins is key player in global testing of infant formula for China
    Eurofins' developed technology plays key role in world's largest allergen study
    Gluten - New AOAC guidance will improve the reliability of gluten-free claims
    Quality control of honey, milk, and coffee by NMR-profiling
    Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the spotlight

    In Brief

    Eurofins develops testing method for CMS hybrids in plants
    Twenty-year anniversary of Eurofins SOFIA
    Chloramphenicol in enzyme preparations
  • Newsletter Nr42

    The importance of water quality in food and beverages
    Sterol analysis for the authenticity of fats and oils
    Authenticity testing of agave syrup
    Eurofins launches innovative veterinary drug screening
    Essential oils: characterisation and authenticity testing

    In Brief

    New EU recommendation on mycotoxins T-2 / HT-2
    International Convenience Food Conference
    New microbiology laboratory in Germany
    Perclorate in food
  • Newsletter Nr41

    Ensuring authenticity and safety of meat
    Allergen detection by LC-MS/MS - the completion of a Portfolio
    GMO testing to comply with French decree n°2012-128
    Food-borne virus detection: a necessary step towards quality and safety
    Rapidust® - a new proprietary way of sampling and testing grain lots for mycotoxins

    In brief

    Eurofins UK invests in new facility
    Eurofins ultra low metals portfolio expanded
    Free 3-MCPD in glycerol: new legislation and method available
    Isotopic analysis of vinegar becomes an official CEN method
  • Newsletter Nr40

    Risk orientated veterinary drug testing
    Food contamination by sibutramine
    Principles of hygiene in the food production sector
    New automated DNA extraction
    AgriFood GPS project

    In brief:

    International seed testing according to ISTA standards
    Collaborative study for detection of fining agents from egg and milk in wine
    Regulatory update for US importers
    Free Webinar on food irradiation and radioactivity
  • Newsletter Nr39
    • Analysis of sweeteners 
    • Contracting out your due diligence program
    • Monitoring of foreign compounds and additives:
    Novel approach using High-Resolution NMR analyses 
    • Botanical impurities 
    • Growth and ripening regulator in fruits and vegetables 

    In brief:
    • First webinars started
    • Eurofins builds up HR-ICP-MS capacities for metals in Germany
    • Determination of rice whiteness by measurement of reflectance
    • EU tightens radioactivity levels for imports from Japan
    • Eurofins acquires LabCo in the Netherlands
  • Newsletter Nr38
    • The fourth pillar of food safety - Environmental monitoring 
    • Inspection of goods at origin – prerequisite for proper purchasing decisions 
    • Monitoring the geographical origin of olive oil using stable isotope analyses
    • Mycotoxins and toxic plant alkaloids: recent developments
    • DNA analysis of food and feed: it’s not only about genetic modification

    In brief:
    • Dioxins, furans and PCBs in food – new EU regulations
    • Rapid analysis of pesticides in fresh fruits & vegetables
    • New regulations concerning transgenic rice (GMO) from China
    • Food allergen labelling – action levels are coming!
    • Eurofins Conferences business launches FocalPoint Webinar Services in May 2012
  • Newsletter Nr37
    - Determination of mineral oil hydrocarbons 
    - Antibiotic residues in dried distillers grains and other fermentation by-products 
    - New method for direct determination of glycidyl esters using LC-MS 
    - Analysis of heavy metals in food and feed at ultra low levels 
    - Eurofins Nantes becomes the largest single-site independent food testing laboratory in the world

    In brief:
    - New regulation on food packaging from plastics 
    - EU: ECJ decided on GM presence in honey
    - New maximum levels for PAHs
    - Meet Eurofins at FI Europe in Paris
  • Newsletter Nr36
    - Radioactivity testing
    - Alkyl esters - a new parameter for the assessment of extra virgin olive oil
    - Calculating Information from Analytical Data
    - Identification and characterisation of off-flavours in foods by means of integrated sensory and SPME/GC-MS analysis
    - Screening for pharmaceuticals and anabolic steroids

    In brief:
    - E. coli outbreak in Germany
    - Pre-harvest analysis of Indian grapes
    - EU: 0.1% GMO threshold in feed
    - GMOs in feed New EU guidance values for Acrylamide
  • Newsletter Nr35
    - GM Soy – New upcoming modified soybeans require new test strategie
    - Tracing the origin of chemical compounds from natural sources using stable isotope ratio analysis
    - Detection of atropine and scopolamine as contaminants of food
    - Hydrocarbon contaminants in seafoods post-spill
    - Seven at once - Eurofins Analytik in Hamburg introduces a multi-allergen screening method by mass spectrometry

    In brief:
    - Eurofins International Seminar 2011
    - New Eurofins Service Centre in Turkey
  • Newsletter Nr34
    - Food testing under GMP - food and pharmaceuticals 
    - Differentiation of inorganic and organic arsenic in food and feed
    - Pesticide residue analysis in dried fruits 
    - Sample Preparation Robot for Mycotoxin Analysis production 
    - Competence in monitoring persistent chemicals Analysis of 24 “Stockholm-POPs” and more at Eurofins GfA 

    In brief:
    - Eurofins International Seminar 2011
    - EU recommendation on monitoring of ergot alkaloids
    - Opening of Eurofins Food Laboratory in Des Moines (USA)
    - Access the Eurofins laboratories from your desk

  • Newsletter Nr33
    - Food profiling by high resolution 1H-NMR analysis - New frontier of authenticity testing
    - Food allergens in the focus
    - Determination of endosulfan in soybeans
    - Implication of new GM-Rice varieties for food and feed production
    - Hexanal - a parameter for the assessment of spiced oils

    In brief:
    - European Union consolidates plastic legislation
    - Nanotechnology – Opening Pandora’s box?
    - New multi method for the determination of veterinary drug residues in meat and fish
    - Monitoring of perfluoroalkylated substances in food
  • Newsletter Nr32
    - Pesticide analysis on samples from the farm – Innovative control measures allow shipment of fresh and tested produce.
    - Eurofins Conference and Training Centre - Creating Customer Value through Knowledge Sharing.
    - Stevia sweeteners. 
    - Carbon 13 SNIF-NMR: New frontier of authenticity testing. 
    - News about PAH analysis in food. 

    In brief: 
    - Superfruits: are they authentic? 
    - New rapid preparation method for salmonella detection by PCR 
    - Eurofins International Seminar - 18th edition
  • Newsletter Nr31
    - Carotenoids in foodstuffs
    - Allergens analysis by mass spectrometry
    - High quality pesticide residue analysis on fruit and vegetables with very short turn-around times
    - 3-MCPD- and glycidol fatty acid ester in oils and fats
    - Sensory evaluation - An important part of the toolbox for food testing
    - In brief: GMO in linseed samples; Eurofins’ acquisition in the US; Eurofins builds new microbiology laboratory in Brazil; Eurofins at BioFach 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany; Eurofins 18th International Seminar: Food Safety Solutions.
  • Newsletter Nr30
    - New developments in dietary fibre analyses
    - Importing food and feed from China - Risk reduction opportunities
    - Checking the geographical origin of olive oil
    - Efficient new multi-matrix method for GMO
    - Consumer magazines check the quality of honey
    - In brief: New maximum levels of heavy metals have been set in food supplements - Guidelines for the presence of nicotine in wild mushrooms - Dietary Fibre Conference 2009 - Eurofins will be present!
  • Newsletter Nr29
    - Risk minimization of food importsby supply chain control
    - Eurofins has developed a New Authenticity Test for Thai Jasmine rice 
    - Analysis of food products by Near Infrared techniques 
    - Declaration of Compliance for Food Packaging
    - Validation of health claims using isotopic tracers
    - News in Brief: Eurofins China awarded ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation - Eurofins present at the PLMA fair in Amsterdam - Eurofins’ technical seminars on juices
  • Newsletter Nr28
    - Analytical detection of melamine in food and feed products,
    - AFLP: DNA-based quality control of production strains in the beer industry
    - Shelf life testing of food products
    - New release of Eurofins OnLine launched in UK
    - Confirming the origin and authenticity of rice
    - News in Brief
  • Newsletter Nr27
    - Food labelling
    - Measuring sensory quality and consumer acceptance
    - New maximum residue levels of pesticides in the European Union
    - Acrylamide analysis Global agreement between Novozymes and Eurofins
    - News in Brief: Eurofins Food Netherlands organizes Carbohydrate Congress in November; Eurofins doubles the size of its Nantes laboratories; Eurofins Norsk Matanalyse awarded proficiency testing contract
  • Newsletter Nr26
    Esters of MCPD found in fats, oils and foods
    New cGMPs covering dietary supplements
    Customized development of DNA-based methods and kits
    Veterinary drugs still in the EU Rapid Alerts for animal products
    Early prevention for reduced phytosanitary treatments
    News in Brief:  Di-isobutylphthalate (DiBP) found in foods; Eurofins Analytik GmbH in Germany appointed as GAFTA referee laboratory; Eurofins buys food testing laboratory in Norwich (UK); Allergens: monitoring production line cleansing;Qualis has joined Eurofins Group in Italy
  • Newsletter Nr25
    - European Union regulates plasticisers in food
    - Brominated POPs need regular monitoring
    - Detection of extraneous materials in foodstuffs: the Filth Test
    - Detecting GMO contamination in vegetables
    News in Brief: Belnovamann (Slovakia,Czech Republic, South Poland) has joined the Eurofins Group; Dioxin and PCP in guar gum; Analycen part of Eurofins Group;  Market leader in Scandinavia; Detection of proteins and other by-products of ruminant origin
  • Newsletter Nr24
    - Authentifood: a new system for Brand Protection
    - Dietary fibre and its analytical methods
    - Recalls of pet food after detection of melamine
    - Juice Asia and World Juice 2007 – comprehensive analytical solutions for a global industry
    - News in Brief: - Standardised method for dioxin analysis of mineral feed ; New Eurofins competency for chemical residues and microbiology in the U.S. (Eurofins Central Analytics ; Planting of genetically modified Organisms and Analysis)