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Eurofins Whistleblowing Point of Contact

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Eurofins companies encourage their employees and leaders as well as external stakeholders to raise concerns about serious malpractice, breaches of the Group Code of Ethics or the Anti-Bribery Policy or any illegal activities within a Eurofins company. Such reporting will be viewed positively and reporters will be protected from any penalisation or retaliation measures which may result from their reporting of these facts.

In normal circumstances, actual or suspected criminal offences, failure to comply with legal obligations, serious health and safety risks, damage to the environment, financial and procedural irregularities, deliberate suppression or concealment of any of these should be reported to the relevant Head of Department or the Managing Director of the Eurofins company where the employee or leader works. In the case of suspected theft or fraud, these should be reported to a Group Internal Auditor, to a member of the Group Operating Council  or the Group Compliance Officer.

However, if for any reasons peculiar to the circumstances, such normal channels cannot be used or are not considered appropriate, Eurofins also has established a Whistleblowing Point of Contact that is readily accessible for all employees via Eurofins’ intranet, but also on Eurofins website via the link below, where it can also be used by external stakeholders. This Whistleblowing Point of Contact, which is monitored and serviced by an external attorney, is intended to encourage and enable employees and/or external parties to confidentially raise serious compliance concerns so that Eurofins can address them properly and take appropriate steps and measures where necessary.

When using the Whistleblowing Point of Contact, all reporters should bear in mind the following:

  • Any report to the Whistleblowing Point of Contact will be sent to an external mailserver with no access for Eurofins, so full confidentiality of the report is guaranteed.
  • Depending on the content of the report and the steps that need to be taken, the reporter may be asked to provide additional detail and to reveal his or her identity. All reporters are always free to not reveal their identity. In certain cases, though, the identity of the reporter will be a prerequisite to further pursue the case reported.

The Whistleblowing Point of Contact is accessible via the following link: whistleblowing point of contact 

This Whistleblowing Point of Contact has been set up to encourage and enable employees and stakeholders to confidentially raise concerns in respect of non-compliance without fear of retaliation, so that the Eurofins companies can take prompt action to address inappropriate conduct or actions. Reporters will always be protected if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the information reported was true at the time of reporting but any abuse of this channel will be prosecuted and can result in a number of negative consequences, including in particular disciplinary action.