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Eurofins Core Compliance Documents

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Eurofins is built on integrity and reputation. Our clients trust us in areas that are very sensitive for them, and they expect the highest level of integrity, trustworthiness and competence from each Eurofins laboratory and each Eurofins employee.

Compliance with those values and all associated laws, regulations and policies is an outcome of an organization meeting its obligations, and is made sustainable by embedding it in the culture of the organization and in the behaviour and attitude of all people working for it. Embedding compliance in the behaviour of all the people working for an organization depends above all on leadership at all levels and clear values of an organization, as well as an acknowledgement and implementation of measures to promote compliant behaviour.

The Group’s Mission, Vision and Values are providing the basic foundation of how entities within the Eurofins Group shall do business. Within this framework, we expect our leaders to act as role models for all employees. The Group Leadership Charter outlines the behaviour we expect from them.

The Eurofins Group Code of Ethics as the central compliance document provides short yet precise high-level instructions for every Eurofins employee. It also outlines how to seek guidance and report breaches of the principles laid out in the code (whistleblowing).

Eurofins’ strong commitment to compliance and ethical behaviour is confirmed and strengthened in a number of more detailed statements and policies, which further expand on the principles laid out in the Eurofins Group Code of Ethics:

All documents listed on this web page are jointly forming the Eurofins Core Compliance Documents.

Eurofins has a whistleblowing point of contact that is readily accessible for all employees via Eurofins’ intranet, but also on Eurofins website, via this link. This point of contact is intended to encourage and enable employees and/or external parties to confidentially raise serious concerns so that Eurofins can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions that breach the Eurofins Group Code of Ethics.