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Consumer research & Sensory evaluation

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Eurofins offers a wide variety of consumer research studies to be able to understand FMCG consumer needs and preferences among products. Sensory Evaluation is one of the methodologies mostly used among Eurofins group, it is a scientific discipline used to evoke measure, analyze and interpret reactions to the characteristics of materials as they are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

The principal uses of sensory evaluation techniques are in quality control, product development and research in various fields such as food beverages, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetics and perfumery, fabrics, textiles and even in the automobile industry. The primary function of sensory testing is to conduct valid and reliable tests to provide data on which sound decisions can be made.

  • Descriptive Test
  • Discrimination Test
  • Hedonic Test

This list is not exhaustive. Eurofins can develop  any customized evaluation protocols matching your specific needs.

  • Consumer Hall Used Test
  • Consumer Hall Test - Sniff Test Protocols


  • Central Location Test
  • Qualitative Surveys