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Eurofins Analytics France
Rue Pierre Adolphe Bobierre BP 42301

Phone: +33 2 51 83 21 00
Fax: +33 2 51 83 21 11

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  • Chemical and nutritional testing of food products for industry and the retail sector
  • Determination of additives, preserving agents, colourings etc.
  • Determination of mycotoxins, detection of melamine and acrylamide
  • Determination of heavy metals (Pb, Cd, As, Hg)
  • Determination of pesticides
  • Isotopic analyses by SNIF-NMR® and IRMS – powerful tools in the detection of adulteration of fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, vinegar, honey, flavours, caffeine, e.g. added sugar in fruit juices or sugar-containing products, such as honey and maple syrup; added vitamin C in orange juice; added malic acid in apple juice, tartaric acid in grape juice, citric acid in lemon juice; mislabelling of alcohol origin in alcoholic beverages; fraud concerning  the natural origin of flavours such as vanillin, benzaldehyde, anethole and linalool.
  • Product profiling by 1H-NMR allowing monitoring of large numbers of samples for validation of the composition and detection of untypical components
  • A complete offer for quality control of fruit juices and fruit products (incl. anthocyanin profile, oligosaccharides, flavour profile by enantioselective HRGC-MS etc.)
    Validation of the origin of bioethanol
  • Chemical and nutritional testing of feed products (raw materials and finished products)

Molecular biology

  • GMO testing from seeds to finished products across the food and agricultural chain (farm to fork concept) using the most innovative and proprietary technology including real-time PCR detection, identification and quantification of a complete range of genetically modified plants such as maize, canola, soybean and vegetables. A combination of optimised protocols, state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled team enable rapid processing times tailored to the customers’ requirements.
  • Genetic fingerprinting for tracing of beef supplies (Eurofins TAG™)
  • Species identification by DNA chip: determination of  the presence of 21 meat species in one single analysis
  • Allergen detection: Eurofins offers a comprehensive testing scheme covering all allergens listed on the “EU – Allergen Hit list”. Eurofins can offer both ELISA and PCR technology and advises customers which method is most appropriate for their products and production line Training and consulting concerning allergen analyses and risk management (Recognition by VITAL®)
  • Detection of genetic resistance to scrapie
  • Seed purity testing and quality control
  • SSR / SNP development and routine analyses
  • Marker Assisted Selection (MAS / MAB)
  •  Divergence studies (genetic resources management, varietal identification, EDV - Essentially Derived Varieties)
  • Contract research (marker conversion, development of specific tests, project management)


The laboratory is accredited by COFRAC, the French accreditation organisation, in accordance with ISO 17025, under the reference 1-0287 (accreditation scope available on