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Corporate Social Responsibility

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At Eurofins, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in conducting our business and to operating in a socially responsible manner.  The thrust of our business is in helping all our clients ensure the safety of their products and services which in turn benefit consumers' access to even healthier food products, more innovative pharmaceutical products and a clean environment.  A strong reputation for quality is therefore core to the success of our business, and integrity in how we conduct business and maintain our relationship with all our stakeholders is central to our corporate principles. Our Vision, Mission and Values underscore our commitment to professional and ethical behaviour, whilst staying at the frontiers of growth and innovation.

By their very nature, our testing activities allow us to play a direct role in contributing to the health and safety of all, and in building a sustainable future for our environment. Furthermore, within the company, we are ever mindful of the impact of our activities on the environment.

Beyond this, at the core of our mission, Eurofins takes its responsibilities towards all its stakeholders, including its employees, seriously. The Company endeavours to treat all its employees fairly and with respect, and conducts recruitment transparently based on skills and competence.

Eurofins believes that the key to securing and maintaining leadership in its fields is constant innovation. Its scientists and technicians regularly engage in collaborations with academic, industrial and public sector organisations in scientific research projects that advance the cause of health and the environment.

Beyond the Group's business activities, Eurofins also contributes to various social projects and charitable work as part of its commitment to contribute to the improvement of health and social conditions of everyone.