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Eurofins | Newsletter - February 2018 | Cosmetics

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Public Consultation on Substances for Tattoo Inks and Permanent Make-up


The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) opened public consultation on submitted proposals restricting the placing on the market of certain chemicals in tattoo inks and permanent make-up.

The first deadline for comments on this restriction report is 16/02/2018. Final deadline for comments on restriction reports will be 20/06/2018

Click here to access ECHA’s public consultation



Recent SCCS Views on Cosmetics



Following a list of the recent requests for a scientific opinion submitted to SCCS (non-exhaustive list):



CAS Number


Deadline for the opinion

Salicylic acid



June 2018

Hair dye Indigofera tinctoria (C170)



June 2018

Hair dye Methylimidazoliumpropyl pphenylenediamine HCl (A166)



June 2018

Hair dye 1,2,4-trihydroxybenzene (1,2,4-THB) (A33)



June 2018



Labelling of Small Cosmetic Products: Under the Supervision of Member States


The PEMSAC is the Platform of European Market Surveillance Authorities for Cosmetics. By means of this platform, different authorities exchange on inspection practices, analytical methods of control and on market surveillance.

The current work program 2018-2019 of PEMSAC invites Member States to carry out a specific market surveillance action regarding the labelling of small cosmetic products and reaching a common understanding of the terms "small products" and "for practical reasons". Moreover, Member States will consider a common definition for cosmetic products considered as rinse-off, leave-on and wash-off.

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Labelling of Cosmetics Products in European Union - Aerosol Dispensers

Cosmetic products, at finished state, are not subject to the CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.

Cosmetic products in aerosol form must, however, comply with the labelling requirements of “Aerosols Directive” which incorporates the provisions of CLP regulation. The labelling, including the pictograms, is mandatory.

Currently, cosmetic products in aerosol form can be placed on the market if their labelling is in conformity either with Directive 2013/10/EU or with Directive (EU) 2016/2037.

However, from 12 February 2018, all products in aerosol form, should comply with the labelling requirements of Directive (EU) 2016/2037


Europe - REACH 

Proposal to Restrict C9-C14 Perfluorocarboxylic Acids (PFCAs), their Salts and Related Substances


The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI ) and the German Environment Agency (UBA) submitted to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) a proposal to restrict C9-C14 PFCAs (PFNA, PFDA, PFUnDA, PFDoDA, PFTrDA, PFTeDA), their salts and precursors.
These substances, due to their repellent properties (water, grease, dirt), are used in many products such as food packaging, kitchenware, textiles, detergents and cosmetics. However, their hazard profile is well known and they are very likely to cause severe and irreversible adverse effects to the environment and to human health if their releases are not minimized
ECHA’s public consultation on Annex XV report started on 20 December 2017 and final deadline for comments on this restriction report will be 20 June 2018.
ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis (SEAC) are expected to start discussions on the proposal in March 2018.


Substance name


CAS number

Perfluorononanoic acid



Perfluorodecanoic acid



Perfluoroundecanoic acid



Perfluorododecanoic acid



Perfluorotridecanoic acid



Perfluorotetradecanoic acid



Note:  The scope of this restriction proposal:

  • Shall not be manufactured, used or placed on the market
    • as substances,
    • as constituents of other substances,
    • in a mixture
  • Articles or any parts thereof containing one of the substances shall not be placed on the market.”

Click here to go to KEMI website.
Click here to go to ECHA website (Submitted restrictions under consideration)


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