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Eurofins | Newsflash - June 2018 | Cosmetics

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018



Testing cosmetics on animals: MEPs call for worldwide ban

The EU should launch a diplomatic drive for a worldwide ban on testing cosmetics on animals before 2023, Parliament urged on May 3, 2018.

Press release 

Click here for getting the adopter text (provisional version).


Recent SCCS Mandate on Cosmetics

Following the recent Mandate of Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) for the preservative Climbazole:



Consultation period finished for O-Phenylphenol

On 24th May, the consultation period was finished for the notification on Draft Commission Regulation amending Annex V to Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products (and its accompanying annex) with Reference: G/TBT/N/EU/527 in the  World Trade Organization.
The aim of this draft was to restrict the maximum concentration of O-PHENYLPHENOL as a preservative in leave-on cosmetic products to 0.15%. The currently authorised concentration is 0.2%.
Click here for getting the draft published in the European Commission website.


Reassessment of phenoxyethanol

On 28th May, the ANSM ( Agence National de Sécurité du Médicaments et des Producits de Santé) published  the report of the Temporary Special Scientific Committee (CSST- Comité scientifique spécialisé temporaire) responsible for the re-evaluation of phenoxyethanol, a preservative used in various cosmetic products.
The conclusions of the CSST will be brought to the attention of the European Commission and with this new assessment, the European decision on the maximum permitted level of phenoxyethanol will be pending.
Click here for getting the publication in the ANSM website.



More than 500 toxicological reference values available

On 6th March, The ANSES (Agence Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire alimentation, environnement, travail) published that the Agency is currently making available a database which includes about 500 TRVs:

The toxicological reference value (TRV) is a toxicological indicator that qualifies or quantifies a risk to human health related to exposure to a chemical. These values are essential for the quantitative assessment of health risks for the general population.
Click here for getting the news in the ANSES’s website.

United Kingdom

National bans for Microbeads

In our previous Eurofins Cosmetic Newsletters we have been informing about proposals of national bans for microbeads in the United Kingdom during this year 2018 (Wales and Scotland) and by the end of 2017 (England). This ban prohibits the use of microbeads as an ingredient in the manufacture of rinse-off personal care products and the sale of any such products containing microbeads.
In May 2018, Northern Ireland has been added to this list. Northern Ireland has notified its proposal of national ban for microbeads to the European Commission ( 2018/205/UK) and the World Trade Organization (G/TBT/N/GBR/32) on 10th May.
Following a summary table with the national bans for United Kingdom:

The Environmental Protection (Microbeads) Regulations 2018
  England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Notification Number 2017/353/UK 2018/42/UK 2018/48/UK 2018/205/UK
Notification Date 28/07/2017 29/01/2018 01/02/2018 10/05/2018
Prohibition on the manufacture from 1 January 2018 from 30 June 2018 from 30 June 2018 in September 2018
Prohibition on the sale from 30 June 2018 from 30 June 2018 from 30 June 2018 in the autumn of 2018



Poland defines the official languages for cosmetic products

On 30th April, the Polish Ministry of Enterprise and Technology (Ministerstwo Przedsiębiorczości i Technologii) notified to European Commission the “Act on Cosmetic Products” where indicates the language in which the information of the product must be available. The product information file shall be in Polish or in English and the products safety report will be drawn up in Polish.
Click here for getting the publication in the European Commission website with notification number 2018/186/PL.

US (Ohio)

Proposal of new limit for VOC in beauty products

On 24th April, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency notified to World Trade Organization the proposal amendment of “Volatile Organic Compound Limits in Consumer Products”.
The aim of this draft is to strengthen consumer and environmental protection by establishing new limit for quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in consumer products, such as paint, cleaning products and beauty products.
Click here for getting the publication in the European Commission website.