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Quatre Bornes - Eurofins Insight Research

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Eurofins Insight Research

Quatre Bornes

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Eurofins Insight Research

Eurofins Insight Research is located in Mauritius. The laboratory was set up in 2014 to assess the safety and efficacy of cosmetic products.

Its multi ethnic volunteer database enables the center to substantiate claims for testing for a worldwide market.

Eurofins Insight Research Mauritius works in full compliance with the local legislation and international standards in bringing full satisfaction to its clients in terms of quality, reactivity and commitment.



Address: Orbis Court, 132, St Jean Road, Quatres Bornes, Mauritius

Phone: +230 467 0231

Web: | Linkedin

Service Scope

service scope


  • Clinical Trials (CRO)
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Anti-lice Effect
  • SPF Testing

Consumer Tests

Fields of Focus

Fields of Focus
  • Cosmetics & Toiletries
  • Medical devices
  • Biometrology
  • Multi-Ethnic Panel


  • ISO 9001:2015