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Environmental Safety

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An international team of ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry experts provide a complete Environmental Safety solution

With comprehensive knowledge of laboratory and field studies, our scientists work together to respond quickly, using the most current approach to complex, in-depth environmental studies.

Agrochemicals have helped to multiply food production over the last century in order to keep up with the needs of a growing population and to provide food security for as many people as possible. This responsibility will continue to fall to the food producing industry and associated industries for years to come.

However, this must be achieved in a sustainable way - the short and long-term impacts of agrochemicals in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and also their effects on humans have to be investigated and reduced to a minimum.

We focus on the fate and behaviour of substances and formulations in environmental systems, on their bioavailability, assimilation in organisms, as well as biological responses of these organisms, and on their subsequent fate in the environment.

Ultimately, Eurofins Agroscience Services is able to provide a full range of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecotoxicology studies including Environmental Fate in laboratory and field as well as Ground Water Monitoring programs.

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