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With the acquisition of Selcia Ltd., Eurofins Agroscience Services offers a full range of C-14 custom radiolabelling services, the synthesis of unlabelled reference compounds and other analytical chemistry services.

With many years of experience our team of expert synthetic radiochemists can prepare C-14 labelled small molecules of almost any complexity for use in metabolism, dermal penetration, environmental fate and other studies.

Radiolabelled compounds are routinely used to generate data required for registration of pesticides and other chemicals, under Guidelines published by the OECD and the OCSPP (EPA).  

Our radiochemists combine detailed knowledge of the special aspects of radiochemistry with excellent synthetic strategy, robust design and efficient execution to achieve timely and cost effective product delivery for our clients.

All our products are delivered with a comprehensive analytical data package, including full spectroscopic analysis and experimental documentation. A Certificate of Analysis specifying chemical as well as radiochemical purity by NMR, MS, radio-HPLC and radio-TLC (where appropriate) accompanies each compound. Analyses can be GLP certified and as such are suitable for regulatory submission.

Our services include:

  • 14C Radiosynthesis including de novo development of synthetic routes
  • Chiral separation and salt formation
  • Rapid re-purification service
  • Storage and management of radiolabelled compounds for clients
  • Safe and fast shipment worldwide to multiple destinations if required
  • Full Certificate of Analysis and analytical profile
  • GLP certification, if required

GLP Analytical Chemistry Services and Metabolite Synthesis

Our analytical staff have a strong background supporting regulatory studies acquired over many years in the life science industry.

We have exceptional instrumentation and infrastructure. Our analysts work closely with our synthetic chemists to solve the chemical structures of process impurities, metabolites or degradation products, providing the solution you are looking for. Our analytical department is accredited by the MHRA and we are a full member of the Good Laboratory Practice program in the UK and specialise in GLP NMR to support regulatory submissions.

We provide specialist analytical services tailored to individual needs to support regulatory studies and submissions.

  • GLP NMR for structural confirmation and comparison with standards and full interpretation and structural elucidation
  • GLP analysis including mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy
  • Custom synthesis of metabolites, impurities and reference standards
  • Custom synthesis of compounds labelled with stable isotopes such as Carbon-13, Nitrogen-15, Deuterium
  • All custom prepared products are available with a GLP certificate of analysis
  • Non-routine analytical studies including structural elucidation and impurity profiling at microgram levels using capillary NMR

For more information on Selcia please click here or contact us here