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Eurofins Regulatory Science Services

Eurofins Regulatory Science Services brings together the most respected brands in environmental science to offer you a better choice for contract research services. 

Since Eurofins Agroscience Services acquired EAG Laboratories (which includes the constituent EAG companies formerly known as Wildlife International, PTRL West, PTRL Europe and ABC Laboratories), the portfolio of services provided now benefits manufacturers of many different types of chemicals – with this realization, we are proud to introduce Eurofins Regulatory Science Services.

Eurofins Regulatory Science Services is part of the Agroscience Group, and has tailored its environmental testing portfolio to meet the needs of the wider chemical industry.

If you manufacture Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Medicines, Industrial Chemicals, Consumer Products or Biocides, Eurofins Regulatory Science Services can deliver the full range of environmental testing services required by the global chemical industry.

Bringing together global, multi-disciplined research capabilities with market-leading product development and technical support services to meet the regulatory needs of your business

Our scientists and regulatory specialists have many years’ experience of working with the regulatory guidelines that affect the chemical manufacturing industry, including:

  • Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR)
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Worker Safety
  • The CLP Regulation

Whether you are registering a new active ingredient or formulation, responding to a data call-in or seeking to understand the latest guidance, ERSS is on hand to offer technical excellence, sound advice, GLP-compliant study execution and expert interpretation.

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