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Forensic - Forensic toxicology

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From the analysis of conventional samples (blood, urine and oral fluids) to the development and analysis of specialist samples (hair and nails), our range of detectable drugs and chemicals is unsurpassed across Europe

Carried out by recognised scientific leaders in their field, our laboratories specialise in the provision of tailored solutions.

All our processes meet EU wide chain of custody procedures and protocols, utilising state of the art instruments afor the detection of one-off and persistant trace chemicals from a variety of samples.

 Our Services include:

  • Analysis conducted on an unrivalled range of matrices
  • GC-MS / LCMS confirmation for legally defensible results
  • Competitive pricing and reliable turn-around times
  • Expert Witness and Consultancy Services
  • Unknown chemical identification
  • Determination of chronic alcohol abuse and dependency
  • Determination of one-off and persistent substance misuse

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