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Forensic DNA Analysis

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Eurofins Forensic Services with dedicated laboratories in the UK, Germany, France and Belgium provide tailored DNA profiling services to police forces and legal services organisations across Europe, contributing to both national and international DNA databases.

Our strength is the unique combination of highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding expertise in all areas of forensic DNA analysis: from DNA extraction to high throughput DNA sequencing, SNP and scene of crime analysis.

We examine the impact of toxic agents in the human body, such as drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances, gases, solvents (alcohol), plant protection products (insecticides) and heavy metals

We provide:

  • Police Force compliant buccal (mouth) swab sampling
  • DNA profiling to comply French and German marker protocols for inclusion into national DNA databases
  • DNA profile interpretation and comparison for suspects - scene linkage and multiple scenes - incident linkage
  • Analysis of Crime Scene Stains - samples of DNA material from body fluids (Blood, Saliva, and Semen etc)
  • Touch DNA Analysis - handled objects and suspect reference samples
  • Serious Crime and Sexual Assault Investigation

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