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ChemFingSOIL: Source differentiation of hydrocarbons in soil

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In 2013 Eurofins Environment Denmark started a product development project with the University of Copenhagen (KU PLEN) and Innovation Fund Denmark. The collaboration was part of a strategic effort on the part of Eurofins the purpose of which is to develop brand new products aimed value creation for our customers and partners within the environmental sector.  

The first product in a series of new methods and applications is now ready for the market place. With this product we offer an identification and quantification of the hydrocarbon sources in a soil sample by way of six dominant pollution sources (archetypes). Over the years and upon request environmental testing laboratories have been able to offer a subjective and non-conclusive evaluation of the characteristics of the chromatograms, which has subsequently been used as the basis for decision making in many different types of situations. It is this non-conclusive commentary that we can now replace with an objective and quantified rendition of the contents of any soil sample. The archetypes represent more than 95% of the hydrocarbon pollution we encounter in soil samples at our laboratory, which is the largest environmental testing laboratory in Scandinavia. The analytical testing method itself is the Danish reference method "RefLab1" that is based on pentane extraction.

The product sheet as well as an example of the product report can be found by clicking the links to the right.

For more information about the product, prices and standard delivery time please contact Peter Mortensen at or mobile +45 2710 5430 or Signe Vork at or phone +45 7022 4266