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IBL OneIT Director - Agro Testing

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With over 30,000 staff in more than 400 laboratories across 41 countries, Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in food and biopharma product testing. It is also number one in the world in the field of environmental laboratory services and one of the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, pharma discovery services and central laboratory services.

In the context of growth, we are looking actively for an IBL OneIT Director - Agro Testing based in Wageningen - Netherland.


IBL OneIT Director - Agro Testing


Manage IT across the Agro Testing International Business Line and foster process optimization (streamlining) projects that will bring Business Units the Agro Testing Laboratories up to Eurofins Group standards in terms of quality of services, productivity, turnaround time and automation.

  • He/she is the primary interface between IT Services and its internal customers within Eurofins.
  • He/she will foster process optimization (streamlining) projects that will bring the Business Units of his IBL up to Eurofins Group standards in terms of quality of services, productivity, turnaround time and automation.
  • He/she will leverage economies of scale while homogenizing and deploying IT solutions (eLIMS-FGS, CRM, ComLIMS and eCommerce) within his IBL.

He/she will prepare the transition to Next Generation EurIS.



Establish a OneIT team.

  • To deploy EurIS efficiently in all Agro Testing Labs according to the priorities and budget defined by the IBL MD.

  • To implement EDI between eLIMS and Legacy Lims for Interco Subcontracting Businsses (Order and Result).

Define the migration path to eLIMS-NG and identify the Agro Specific applications (so-called Agro satellites app) that will have to interoperate with EurIS.

  • Manage the team who will refactor these Agro satellite to be SOA-NG compliant so that to be deployed in Agro IBL together with eLIMS-NG.

  • Liaise with NG teams and EAO to define the interfaces and Services that will be exchanged between NG and the Agro Satellites applications.

Manage scattered RPM teams (1 per Country) central IT solution development team for delivering Regional IT services with a Service Level agreed with internal customers over the Northern Europe Food Division.

Coordinate with other IT teams.

  • IT Infrastructure and Operation team.

  • OneIT teams of the Food and Environment Divisions for supporting local versions of eLIMS deployed in Agro labs.

  • Group IT Solution and Program teams (CRM, EoL, ComLIMS, AX, eLIMS NG, eLIMS First Standard Generation, ERMS).

  • Group Lean team.

Develop and structure the IT Service Catalogue.

The current IT service catalogue consists in:

  • eLIMS operational service: Operate and support eLIMS (or eLIMS assimilated) services.

  • Processes analysis and improvement: Assist the business in improving business processes and manage the corresponding changes in IT solutions.

  • Training on eLIMS: Provide additional training to guarantee the appropriate use of eLIMS.

  • Process and IT expertizes: Bring process and IT expertizes to the business regarding to new lab acquisition or new projects for new or big Clients.

  • Deployment to new Labs/Sites: eLIMS-FGS application suites.

  • EDI, synthesis, Queries: Design and deliver EDI to respond to specific needs of Customer or Business in terms of report, synthesis, queries.

  • Laboratory instruments Connection: Assist the Business in implementing and maintaining the connection of laboratory instruments with eLIMS.

  • eLIMS expertise: Provide eLIMS expertise to other IT teams (for technical projects or IT services).

  • Monitoring of eLIMS applications: Provide monitoring specifications and tool to IT Infra.

Implement IT working processes (inspired from ITIL V3 and in cooperation of ITQ) in terms of.

  • Incident Management.

  • Change Management.

  • Project Management.

  • Release management.

Build the Budget for IT services (IT solution and IT infrastructure) and deliver appropriate reporting to all stakeholders on fees and IT services delivered.

Develop and maintain a high expertise in his team wrt Euris and Lab processes.



In a fast growing group, successful leaders are frequently being offered increased areas of responsibility (subject to geographic mobility).