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Retailer Supplier Audits

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In order to protect their brand and reputation, most retailers require their suppliers to be audited against their own standards.  If you are a food retailer, Eurofins Food Assurance can work with you to ensure the compliance of your suppliers.

Among others, Eurofins Food Assurance performs Costco's GMP Supplier Audits and Costco Addendums:

  • Food manufacturers supplying to Costco are subject to Costco's Food Safety Expectations and audit requirements. Eurofins is an approved food safety audit provider for Costco.
Costco Small Supplier GMP Audit 1 day If the site has 25 or fewer employees, and this is a first-time audit than the site qualifies for Costco's Small Supplier GMP Audit, which is announced. The site must be compliant with the standard Costco GMP Audit by the following year.
Costco GMP Audit 1 day This is an unannounced audit.
Costco Addendum No Additional Audit Time Add the Costco addendum to an annual GFSI Certification audits. Pairing the two audits together reduces costs.