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Regulatory Expertise

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Your dedicated, multi-discipline team of regulatory experts

The experts at EAR provide up to date advice on new guidance initiatives, new study designs and new tactical approaches which can be implemented quickly and efficiently for the success of your registration dossiers. Through our large Eurofins network we have quick and easy access to in depth scientific expertise covering all aspects of laboratory and field testing.

Regulatory support does not necessarily stop at the dossier submission. Liaison with regulators can continue throughout the evaluation and a life-cycle-management of the active and/or formulation.

With extensive experience in the various regulatory arenas, the team have worked under a range of partnership models over many years of active operation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Physico-chemistry and analytical methods
  • Toxicology
  • Residue and metabolism
  • Efate, behaviour and environmental modelling
  • Ecotoxicology (aquatic and terrestrial)
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Efficacy
  • Environmental Risk Assessment for human pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine
  • Endocrine disruption

Eurofins Agroscience Regulatory is constantly expanding its capacity and capabilities across the globe and can rely on an expert network of partners for those regions not covered in house.

Our promise to you:

Dedicated teams of regulatory experts in all disciplines, with cutting edge knowledge on all current and evolving technical data requirements and guidance documents.

For further information, please contact us