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Supporting your industry in its research and development activities for innovative biological products

The rise of organic farming and an integrated, environmentally sensitive approach to pest control (IPM) has further heightened the awareness of, and confidence in, the benefits and effectiveness of agricultural biologicals such as microbials, semio-chemicals, plant or natural extracts.

The concept of low risk and basic substances introduced with Regulation 1107/2009 will give opportunities to industry to introduce more sustainable agricultural solutions. Indeed, the Sustainable Use Directive promotes low pesticide input pest management, giving where possible, priority to non-chemical methods, so that professional users switch to practices and products with the lowest risk to human health and the environment from those options available for the same pest problem.

But the reality is that the regulations in place are making the access to the market complex especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. EAR BioFocus network is advising the biologicals industry to help ensure their innovative products will enter the key global markets for biological products. 

Through our global Eurofins network we can also offer a full range of testing services required for your biological product.

Our promise to you:

BioFocus – An integrated service for your biological portfolio, bringing together our experience across regulatory, field and laboratory teams.

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