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Regulatory Consultancy

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A bespoke registration service to meet all your global regulatory challenges

In a dynamic and complex regulatory environment, our priority is to support clients through every stage of their registration requirements.

EAR is supported by a global network of field stations, laboratories and carefully selected partners. We are committed to advising on the best registration strategies and to compile registration documentation in line with current and upcoming regulatory guidelines.

EAR is constantly expanding its capacity and capabilities across the globe. With extensive experience in the various regulatory arenas, the team have worked under a range of partnership models over many years of active operation.

EAR are able to provide support in the following industries:

  • Crop Protection
  • Biopesticides (including microbials)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine)

For further information, please contact us and download our Regulatory Services brochure. More detailed information on specific services can be found on the following relevant web pages.

Providing the highest quality consultancy services for all your global regulatory needs