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Product Chemistry

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Eurofins Agroscience services has the expertise to evaluate the intrinsic properties and behaviour of chemical active substances and formulations, and to confirm identity of active substances in plant protection product

We provide analytical services to conduct impurity profiling and 5-batch analysis in the technical materials needed for technical equivalence checks. To support the registration of active substances and plant protection products, Eurofins Agroscience Services offers a complete range of product chemistry testing including:

  • Confirmation of identity of active substance by determination of its content in the formulation*
  • Testing of physico-chemical properties**
  • Storage stabilities of plant protection products at defined temperatures and shelf life of formulated products
  • Impurity profiling and technical equivalence checks including 5-batch analysis***
  • Validation of risk assessments methods in residue, toxicology, efate and ecotoxicology, used in support of pre-registration data requirements*
  • Validation of monitoring methods for determination of active substance content in food and feed of plant origin, food of animal origin, water, soil, air, body fluids and tissues in support of post-registration of plant protection products

*under SANCO and APVMA guidelines
**following OECD, EC, APVMA directives and CIPAC methods
***under SANCO, OCSPP, PMRA, APVMA, EC and Brazilian Guidance

Our experts are experienced in working with most types of formulations and AI’s and can offer these both to GLP and non-GLP.

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