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Non-Target Dung Organisms

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We conduct studies for the testing of veterinary pharmaceuticals with dung organisms like the dung fly species Musca autumnalis and Scatophaga stercoraria and the dung beetles Onthophagus taurus and Aphodius constans. In these studies the test organisms are exposed to the test substance mixed with cattle dung obtained from organic farming. We are members of the DOTTs group and have been involved in the development of the test guideline for dung flies and in the ring test with O. taurus.

Dung Flies (Scathophaga stercoraria, Musca autumnalis)

  • Developmental toxicity test – OECD 228
    Effect of the test item on emergence rate and developmental time of the dung flies are assessed in order to determine the LC/EC50 and NOEC/LOEC.

Dung beetles (Aphodius constans, Onthophagus taurus)

  • Developmental toxicity test – OECD Guidance 122
    Effect of the test item on mortality of the larvae of A. constans is assessed in order to determine the LC50 and the NOEC/LOEC.

Reproduction toxicity test – according to the revised version of the ring test protocol

  • Effect of the test item on reproduction of O. taurus is assessed in order to determine the EC50 and the NOEC/LOEC. Our well established culture of O. taurus allows us to run tests all year round while studies with A. constans can only be started during the winter months.

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