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Soil Organisms

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Eurofins Agroscience Services offers a wide range of field studies following standard or special designs

All studies are planned and performed by a highly experienced team of scientists and technical personnel according to the most recent guidelines and guidance documents. We are experienced in conducting field studies with soil organisms including earthworms, nematodes, several soil inhabiting arthropod species including micro-arthropods (collembolans and soil mites). Semi-field and field tests (litterbag, earthworm field trials and micro-arthropod trials) can be performed throughout Europe.

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Studies are conducted with species occurring naturally at the field site. The focus of this kind of studies is on soil organism community level.

  • Earthworm field studies observe earthworm populations for at least one year.
  • Micro-arthropod studies can be evaluated using different organisms (soil mites, collembolans, nematodes, enchytraeids).

Recovery effects over the time are observed. Studies are performed according to the recent guidelines in Northern and Southern Germany, Northern and Southern France, Northern and Southern Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Greece and other countries. Analysis and determination work is done in house.

Earthworm Field Studies

Earthworms are widely considered as representative terrestrial organisms closely associated with the soil. Earthworm fauna field testing for ecotoxicological risk assessment is considered for the use in registration procedures of crop protection products in different countries including those of the European Union.
The design of earthworm field studies is conducted according to the ISO (11268-3) guideline. We offer earthworm field studies in Germany and many other European countries in all kind of crops. In Northern Spain and Southern France we cover Southern Europe trials with success.

We also have experience with long term earthworm field trials and earthworm residue and accumulation trials.

Soil Micro-Arthropod Field Studies

Studies are conducted with species occurring naturally at the test site. The focus of this kind of studies is on soil organism community level. Springtails (Collembola), soil mites and other micro arthropods in the soil are sampled using soil cores from treated plots. Extraction and determination to a certain level are done in house. The sampling is done according to ISO guideline 23611-2 and 23611-3. So far studies have been performed in Southern Spain, France, Netherlands and Germany.

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