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Avian Safety Services

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EAS is proud to home the world’s premier avian safety laboratory 

Since the acquisition of EAG Laboratories in 2017, Eurofins Agroscience Services is proud to home the world's premier avian safety laboratory offering design and conduct of customized acute reproduction and safety assessment studies to evaluate pesticide hazard to avian species.

Established in 1985, our Easton, Maryland facility has produced more avian safety data than any lab in the world. We offer the full suite of required acute and reproduction studies (radiolabeled and unlabeled), as well as custom-designed investigations in non-traditional species or to meet client-specific needs. 

  • Acute oral safety assessments – including regulatory endpoints
  • Subacute dietary safety assessments – including passerines
  • Pathogenicity and safety studies for the testing of biopesticides
  • Food avoidance/repellency studies with treated seeds and granules
  • Reproduction studies (over 500 conducted)
  • Adjusted designs to address specific risk assessment issues
  • Studies to screen and/or test for potential endocrine effects
  • Multi-generation reproduction studies with endocrine endpoints
  • Hen delayed neurotoxicity studies
  • Poultry feeding and metabolism studies
  • Residue and metabolism studies in avian species
  • Chemistry support
  • Custom-designed studies

In addition to commonly tested species such as northern bobwhite, quail, Japanese quail (Coturnix), mallard, zebra finch and canary, we have deep experience working with a variety of domestic and wild species, including chickens, pheasants, house sparrows, pigeons and partridge.

Please contact Eric Bodle for more information.