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Algae and Macrophytes

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Eurofins Agroscience Services performs tests on toxic effects of plant protection products (PPPs), pharmaceuticals and other chemicals (e.g. REACH) to algae and aquatic macrophytes in accordance with the latest guidelines

Effect on Algal Growth

OECD Test No. 201: Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria, Growth Inhibition Test

 Ecological Effects Test Guidelines OPPTS 850.5400 Algal Toxicity, Tiers I and II

JMAFF 2-7-7: Algal Growth Inhibition Test

IN EN ISO 10253 and DIN EN ISO 8692

To meet all requirements, the following in-house cultured species are available:

  • Green algae: Desmodesmus subspicatus and Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata
  • Blue Green algae: Anabaena flos-aquae
  • Diatoms: Navicula pelliculosa

Additionally the following species are established and available on request:

  • Green algae: Chlorella vulgaris and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  • Marine Diatoms: Skeletonema costatum and Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Alternative species and assessments of species sensitivity distribution (SSD) or studies in semi-static test design are obtainable on request.

Effect on Macrophytes

OECD Test No. 221: Lemna sp. Growth Inhibition Test:  with Lemna gibba or Lemna minor

OECD Test No. 239: Water-Sediment Myriophyllum Spicatum Toxicity Test and

OECD Test No. 238: Sediment-Free Myriophyllum Spicatum Toxicity Test:

with Myriophyllum spicatum or  Myriophyllum aquaticum, or Myriophyllum sibiricum

Above listed tests are conducted all year around.

In addition we offer higher TIER tests with aquatic macrophytes in water-sediment systems or for the species sensitivity distribution approach (SSD).

Several species are offered and available accordingly:

  • Monocotyledon species (available all year round): Heteranthera zosterifolia, Egeria densa, Elodea Canadensis, Glyceria maxima, Wolffia arrhizal, Spirodela polyrhiza, Vallisneria spiralis
  • Eudicotyledon species (available all year round): Nasturtium officinale, Myriophyllum sibiricum, Hottonia palustris
  • Eudicotyledon species (available from spring to late summer): Callitriche palustris, Ranunculus aquatilis, Nymphoides peltata, Veronica beccabunga, Hippuris vulgaris

Depending on properties of the test item, studies on macrophytes are offered in static, semi-static and flow through test design.

For further information, please contact us