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Environmental Fate and Metabolism

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Eurofins Agroscience Services offers a full range of environmental fate and metabolism services (both labeled and unlabeled) including field, laboratory studies and animal metabolism

These studies will provide information on the mechanism, route and rate of substance degradation and risks these pose for human or environmental health.

Our studies are planned and performed by a highly experienced team of scientists and technical personnel according to the recent guidelines (OECD, ISO, EPA) and guidance documents.

We have well-equipped laboratories and a glass house with climatic test chambers to simulate various environmental conditions. The analytical laboratory is equipped for the qualification and quantification of radiolabeled and non-labeled test material, including radio-TLC and -HPLC, HPLC-UV, GC-MS, HPLC-MS/MS, Accurate Mass Spectrometer (Orbitrap). Access to NMR for definitive metabolite identification is also available. We also have dedicated areas of arable land for outdoor confined plot studies.

Degradation / metabolism / accumulation in soil or manure

  • Aerobic and anaerobic transformation in soil (OECD 307)
  • Phototransformation of chemicals in soil (Draft Guideline)
  • Leaching studies (OECD 312)
  • Adsorption / desorption (OECD 106, OEC 121)
  • Aerobic and anaerobic transformation in manure systems (Draft Guideline)

Degradation / metabolism in aquatic systems

  • Aerobic and anaerobic transformations in water / sediment systems (OECD 308)
  • Aerobic mineralisation in surface water - simulation biodegradation Test (OECD 309)
  • Simulation tests to assess the biodegradability of chemicals discharged in wastewater (OECD 314)
  • Abiotic transformation hydrolysis as a function of pH (OECD 111)
  • Phototransformation of chemicals in water - direct photolysis (OECD 316)
  • Nature of the pesticide residues in processed commodities - high temperature hydrolysis (OECD 507)

Plant metabolism (OECD 501) and Rotational crops (OECD 502)

We are able to grow almost all commercially important crops and have agronomist experts for the in-life phase achieving reliable crop yields throughout the year.  Studies are conducted under greenhouse or outdoor conditions, in Europe, Asia and North America.  Our dedicated spectroscopy expert team has a proven track record of structure elucidation of unknown metabolites.

Animal Metabolism

  • Metabolism in livestock  (OECD 503) ruminant and poultry
  • Rat toxicokinetics study (OECD 417)
  • Fish Metabolism (SANCO/11187/2013)

Bioaccumulation and Bioconcentration

  • Bioaccumulation in fish: aqueous and dietary exposure (OECD 305)
  • Bioaccumulation in terrestrial oligochaetes (OECD 317)

We also develop non-routine studies to meet a specific situation (field and laboratory)

Further Information

For further details on the Environmental Fate and Metabolism Services portfolio, please email Martin Traub or download our Environmental Fate & Metabolism PDF as a general introduction.