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Specimen Shipment Services

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Providing specimen shipment services from test site to specific destinations

Eurofins Agroscience Services can provide specimen shipment services from field test sites throughout Europe to your chosen destination.  Our expert network of experienced staff manage your specimens every step of the way, ensuring they will arrive in the required condition.

**Our logistics partner for the UK has Designated Export Point (D.E.P) status and their own Customs Clearance Agent; both of which will ensure a smoother specimens shipment service following a potential No-Deal Brexit.**

Please click to view a short video on our Specimen Shipment Services...

Why choose us?

  • An outstanding network of frozen (≥ -18oC) specimen shipments across Europe operated with a combination of our own vehicles and a well-established portfolio of accredited logistic partners.
  • Our extensive structure of offices and laboratories throughout Europe enables us to store specimen’s short term if required and then bulk ship to your final destination. All our frozen storage is secure and GLP compliant.
  • GPS Temperature monitored and tracked shipments offering security and reassurance.
  • Long term frozen specimen storage in our own dedicated GLP compliant freezers.
  • Competitive and flexible terms due to the unique way Eurofins Agroscience Services operates its specimen shipments services.
  • Local Eurofins staff are on-hand to advise and assist, understanding your specific requirements and providing you with bespoke solutions to suit individual logistic and business requirements.

Whatever your requirement, EAS Group is committed to working with you towards the best possible outcome. For further information, please contact us