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Residue Analysis

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Eurofins Agroscience Services offers routine testing of a wide variety of sample types including plant, animal, environmental matrices and their major metabolites under GLP, including method development and validation

With our labs around the globe and our experienced workforce we will be able to support your programs in a reliable and timely manner.

We provide an integrated approach between our field services and analytical phase including control of the shipments between the study sites and sample preparation. Our studies carried out according to international standards (OECD, SANCO, EPA) and in compliance with GLP. 

Crop Residue Analytics

  • Sample preparation - crops
  • Field residue analysis
  • Analysis of processed fractions including breakdown/ reaction products
  • Post-harvest treatment studies
  • Variability factor determination
  • Import Tolerance Studies

Environmental Fate Field Analytics

  • Sample preparation - soil
  • Soil residue analysis

Exposure Assessment Studies

  • Passive dosimetry
  • Biomonitoring (actual absorbed dose)
  • Supporting studies eg. dislodgeable foliar residue, turf-transferrable residue, 'wash off' and surface dislodgeable environmental studies, animal fur transferrable residues, drift during and post application
  • Dermal penetration (both dynamic (flow-through) and static (franz-type) cells)

Dermal Absorption Studies


Independent Lab Validations

  • Independent lab validations performed within the Eurofins Agroscience Chemistry Cluster


  • Dose verification and stability testing in aquatic matrices
  • Spray and dust studies - field
  • Residue analysis in pollen, nectar, wax, honey, bee stomach

Further Information

For further details on the Residues Analytical Services portfolio, please email the most relevant contact for your requirements:

You can download our Chemistry services PDF as a general introduction.

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