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Rainfastness studies

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Rainfastness and Foliar Wash-off Studies

Eurofins rainfall simulator is purpose built to satisfy the requirements for both rainfastness (GEP) and Foliar Wash-off Studies (GLP). It has been designed to simulate natural rainfall events from 2mm/hr to 25mm/hr. Our state of the art laser detection system allows real-time recording of rain intensity, droplet size and velocity during the rain event.

We are partners in developing international standards and meet the following key criteria;

  • Droplet size distribution and velocity fall within parameters which are representative of natural frontal rain conditions in Europe
  • The crops are placed on a rotary platform to ensure even distribution of the rain over the specimens
  • Less than 10% variance between rain events is achieved.
  • Rain intensities can be controlled and measured in real time to ensure data integrity.

For rainfastness, a standard GEP efficacy study can be performed following product application and rain events. For GLP wash-off studies, the residue remaining on the plant can be determined by our laboratories. The data generated can be used to determine the wash off factor. This information can then be used to model the environmental concentrations of a residue in the soil or ground water (PECsoil and PECgw).

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