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Plant Disease Diagnostics

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Plant and crop diagnostic services for the detection of pests and diseases

The Molecular Diagnostics team at Eurofins Agroscience Services offers a range of plant and crop diagnostic services for the detection of pests and diseases. The Molecular Diagnostics team has a wealth of experience in real-time PCR and ELISA analysis as well as method development working with a wide range of plant/crop material.

Since the completion of a new dedicated soil extraction laboratory, the team is able to offer an increasing number of diagnostic tests for detection of pests and diseases

GM Services

  • Quantification of transgenic proteins in GM plant tissues (ELISA)
  • Detection of transgenic DNA (PCR)
  • Development of new ELISA and PCR based tests

Potato cyst nematodes and free living nematodes

  • Quantitative test for PCN using real-time PCR

Viral, bacterial and fungal plant pathogens

Further Information

For further details on the Molecular Diagnostics Services, please contact us or download our Molecular Diagnostics PDF as a general introduction.