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Global Field Studies

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Collaboration, Partnership and Trust for lasting solutions - to offer ongoing success and improvement in field programs. We offer the largest managed, 'in house' field trial capacity in the world

With unmatched global reach, we are confident that we can offer our clients a full range of services in key agricultural regions across the world.

In summary, our portfolio consists of:

  • Conducting regulatory efficacy studies for local, international and global submissions
  • Conducting global field and laboratory safety studies, including magnitude of residue, environmental fate & behaviour, operator exposure and re-entry & dis-lodgeable residues
  • Specialist GLP field and analytical services in support of genetically-modified (GM) crop varieties development

For an initial discussion, Dave Clark can help with any field related enquiries.

Since integrating the constituent companies, Eurofins Agroscience Services has a vast network of geographically complimentary field stations

We will continue to add to these field stations, consolidating our network across the EU, growing capacities in Eastern Europe whilst focusing on development in NAFTA, South Africa and LATAM.  Partnerships with CRO's in Australasia and the rest of the world complete a truly global field trial service.

Our field services include:

  • Crop Residue Studies (GLP)
  • Crop Efficacy Testing (GEP)
  • EU & EPA import tolerance
  • Operator exposure studies
  • Baseline resistance monitoring
  • Varietal evaluation for traditional and trait products
  • Compilation & submission of national & global regulation dossiers
  • Selectivity Trials
  • Eco-Toxicology
  • Environmental fate & behaviour (dissipation/accumulation)
  • Groundwater monitoring & field leaching

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of our testing facilities, demonstrating the Eurofins Agroscience Services policy to ensure high quality work.

Every one of our QA Team has long-term experience in GLP requirements. We have a network of local auditors to perform GLP compliance inspections at our field stations and subsidiaries throughout the European Union.

Further Information

For further details on the Field Services portfolio, please email Eurofins Agroscience Services