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Soil & Groundwater testing - TerrAttest®

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TerrAttesT® is a unique analysis product that was developed in-house by Eurofins I Analytico Environment. In an innovative way the product uses the most modern techniques and insights.  Applicable for multiple regulatory regimes, TerrAttesT® makes an accountable declaration on the nature and extent of the presence of more than 200 environmentally contaminating substances in soil and groundwater samples.

Very efficient and advantageous

TerrAttesT® is special in that for each of the contaminants detected, the analysis report mentions only the values exceeding the reporting limit. With a view to accurate testing under laws and regulations, soil characteristics are not assumed in the TerrAttesT® approach, but are measured as a standard. TerrAttesT® works with spectacularly smaller sample amounts than normal. Despite the thoroughness, completeness and rapid availability of the results, the cost of multicomponent TerrAttesT® analysis is competitive with that for traditional, more limited analysis packages.

TerrAttesT® advantages

Solid analysis:
TerrAttesT® uses the most modern analytical techniques. Eurofins I Analytico Environment conducts this type of research on a large scale. The customer is assured of refined detection and constant quality. Results are rapidly available as TerrAttesT® does not generate any non-information and releases the complete results in one go. The customer therefore is informed more quickly.

Legally conclusive:
TerrAttesT® focuses directly on laws and regulations, even acting in anticipation of them. The customer knows with certainty that Eurofins I Analytico Environment measures everything that the government requires to be measured.

Individual values:
TerrAttesT® determines individual values for more than 200 environmentally contaminating substances, qualitatively and quantitatively. The chance of follow-up research is minimal.

The TerrAttesT® anaIysis report includes as an appendix the environmental report on soil quality. It is so well-organised that it is easily understood by non-professionals.

Advantageous: The scale effect also applies for a high-quality analysis product such as TerrAttesT®. Expert soil advice on the basis of TerrAttesT® costs no more than advice on the basis of the usual analysis packages.


For further details on TerrAttesT® contact one of Eurofins' experts: Bart van Boven or Luc De Ren or your local Eurofins laboratory